Mounting Options

Bait2Go is the most versatile bait bucket on the market! Designed for all your fishing adventures, whether you’re on the dock, at the shore, in your ice hut, in a boat, or knee deep in the water.

Boat Bracket

Mounting the bucket on your boat gunnel is easy!

If the black boat bracket and rail mount are not fastened together, then connect them with the provided screws and nuts. Finally, slide the bracket on the boat gunnel in your desired location.

Hook and Loop Adhesive Pads

Adhere the bait bucket to nearly any surface of your boat! Start by sticking one side of the hook and loop adhesive pads to the back side of the rail mount. Place the other pad on the boat in your desired location.

Finally, slide the rail mount onto the bucket and adhere the two hook and loop adhesive pads together.

Suction Cups

Use the provided suction cups to adhere the Bait2Go to any smooth, clean and non-porous surface like a Seadoo, Skidoo, plane, boat windshield, or more!

Slide the suction cups into the keyhole slot on the back side of the bucket. Adhere the suction cups to your desired location. If you need to refresh the water, slide the bucket in an upward motion off the suction cups leaving them in place.

Belt Slit

Whether you’re fishing on the dock, on a river’s edge or knee deep in a lake, the belt slit makes accessing your bait easy.

Slide your belt through the belt slit located on the back of the Bait2Go. This convenient location keeps your hands free to focus on other fishing gear or to focus on reeling in the big one!

Free Standing

Bait2Go is designed with a flat bottom, allowing you to place it on a flat surface while fishing. Place it on the dock, boat bench, shoreline, or ice. Placing the bucket on a flat surface will enable you to quickly move the bucket as you change fishing locations.

Ice Fishing Loop

Turn the Bait2Go upside down and remove the bottom cap to reveal the porous bottom. Submerge the bucket in an ice fishing hole, using your foot to avoid getting your hands cold and wet. Naturally, the bucket will float, but if you tie a string to the back of the bucket it will allow you to grab with bucket without getting your hands wet.

When you’re ready to grab more bait, pull on the string to pull the bucket up and drain the water, then remove the top cap, and lift the sidebar rod to easily access your bait.