Cuz the fish
won't wait.

With Bait-2-Go, re-bait your hook in less time than with any other product available!

How it Works

Bait2Go bait bucket kit


Bait2Go is a bait bucket that can hold a variety of live bait, including minnows, leeches, worms, crayfish, shrimp, maggots, frogs, and more. Use it for all your fishing trips whether you’re on the dock, at the shore, in your ice hut, in a boat, or knee deep in the water, Bait2Go will help you spend more time fishing and less time fiddling.

A Fisherman’s Tale

We’ve been avid fishermen since we were kids and live bait always helped us reel in the big one. But, the traditional bait bucket made bait retrieval a hassle and unsafe. After struggling to find a solution, we created Bait2Go. The bait bucket that guarantees more fishing time, quick bait access, safe handling, and cooler baits. Cuz, when the fish are biting you, don’t want to be fumbling with your bait.

Read Our Tale

Get from bait to bite
faster than ever before

With the Bait2Go Bait Bucket

  • Easy To Use

    Bait handling made easy for everyone, from kids to seniors
  • Fish More

    Less time hooking bait, more time fishing
  • Safe

    Bait your hook from a sitting position
  • Efficient

    Bait within reach for everyone in the boat
  • Fresh Bait

    Keeps bait clean, fresh and cool
  • Environmentally Friendly

    Reusable, leave the styrofoam at the store

Works with all
types of bait!

Bait Options:

  • Night Crawlers
  • Fresh Cut Bait
  • Shrimp
  • Leeches
  • Minnows
  • Crayfish
  • Spawn Bags
  • Squid Chunks
  • Catfish Dough Bait
  • Carp Bait Corn

Fastens to practically
any vessel!

Mounting Options:

  • Gunnel Mount
  • Belt Slit
  • Hook and Loop Pad
  • Suction Cup
  • Rail Mount
  • Tether Mount