The Bait2Go team consists a trio of personalities who have come together to make fishing more fun and enjoyable. JR, a pharmacist, is the Bait2Go conceptor and inventor, he is an avid Fisherman and Pilots both Float and Wheeled planes. His Eureka Bait2Go moment came as he attempted to solve his bait bucket needs when fishing from a personal WaterCraft. By solving the mounting issue with suction cups he was able to evolve the design to include the gunnel mount, hook and loop option and a two way adhesive tape (since removed) in addition to including a belt mount option.

All of these options paired with the Bait2Go’s unique basket system made it an instant hit. Easy top and bottom cap access to bait and water changes make the Bait2Go bucket one of the most versatile personal bait buckets on the market today. Partner Kevin, is a savy businessman and a prolific deal maker/negotiator extraordinaire that joined Bait2Go early on helping JR attend trade shows and negotiate access to main stream retailers.

Pat, the third partner, is a high-school classmate of JR’s and a serial entrepreneur who decided to jump in and help the guys take the product to the next level. Together they collectively energize and propel the company forward for the greater good of anglers everywhere. Each member provides a different area of expertise needed to insure Bait2Go’s success. The trio is committed to use the Bait2Go brand and product “White Labelling” branding opportunity to help not-for-profits and companies leverage their own brands by co-branding the Bait2Go bucket for their own use facilitating fundraising or brand awareness through the enjoyment of fishing. Get hooked, join the Bait2Go fishing team today.